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updated Mar 10, 2023 04:21 UTC+1
Total cases
4,617,095Δ 1day : +4,041 (+0.09%)12.23 %
Incidence rate
51,720Δ 1day : +86 (+0.17%)1.12 %

Covid-19 statistics breakdown by state/province

Province/ StateAccel. 1d|2dΔ 1dayΔ% 1dayTotal casesDeathsDeath rateΔ 1day
Ontario 3,250+0.2%1,601,32516,2341.01%+48
Quebec 446+0%1,320,32518,1601.38%+7
British Columbia 345+0.1%396,8175,2491.32%+31
Alberta 0+0%629,2695,6220.89%+0
Grand Princess 0+0%1300%+0
Manitoba 0+0%154,7122,4641.59%+0
New Brunswick 0+0%88,8668340.94%+0
Newfoundland and Labrador 0+0%54,7573180.58%+0
Northwest Territories 0+0%11,511220.19%+0
Nova Scotia 0+0%140,7937940.56%+0
Nunavut 0+0%3,53170.2%+0
Prince Edward Island 0+0%56,523930.16%+0
Repatriated Travellers 0+0%1300%+0
Saskatchewan 0+0%153,6511,8901.23%+0
Yukon 0+0%4,989320.64%+0

Incidence rate

The incidence rate denotes the number of confirmed cases during the last 7 days for 100.000 inhabitants. It offers a global perspective over the virus circulation in the concerned terrotory.

Incidence rate legend : <20 20-49 50-149 150-249 250-449 450-749 750-999 >1000


  • Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering - Center for System Science and Engineering - Github repo

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