updated Jul 12, 2020 04:34 UTC+1
Total cases
207,932Δ 1day : +0 (+0.00%)3,185.5 / million
78,432Δ 1day : +0 (+0.00%)
99,493Δ 1day : +0 (+0.00%)
30,007Δ 1day : +0 (+0.00%)
Warning! There is a high chance that the number of infected persons is largely underestimated and is not correctly refelected in the number of total cases. For this reason, the death rate is to be considered with extreme caution!
Apr 12, 2020. Starting April 12th, France separated possible confirmed cases and confirmed cases in EHPAD & EMS (source).
Apr 3, 2020. France announced a new count for confirmed cases by adding cases reported in social and socio-medical establishments that were not yet accounted for.
Apr 2, 2020. France announced a new count for deaths by adding fatalities that occurred in the establishments for elder dependent persons (EHPAD) not accounted for before this date.

Covid-19 statistics breakdown by state/province

Province/ StateAccel. 1d|2dTotal casesΔ 1dayΔ% 1dayDeathsDeath rateΔ 1day
French Guiana 5,949245+4.3%260.44%+3
Reunion 5776+1.1%30.52%+0
Guadeloupe 1900+0%147.37%+0
Martinique 2550+0%155.88%+0
Mayotte 2,7110+0%371.36%+0
Saint Barthelemy 60+0%00%+0
Saint Pierre and Miquelon 20+0%00%+0
St Martin 430+0%36.98%+0
France 198,1990+0%29,90915.09%-3



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