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updated Jun 27, 2022 04:21 UTC+1
Total cases
5,962,615Δ 1day : +5,883 (+0.10%)4.62 %
Incidence rate
325,580Δ 1day : +4 (+0.00%)5.46 %
Warning! Warning! There is a high chance that the number of infected persons is underestimated and is not correctly refelected in the number of total cases. For this reason, the death rate is to be considered with extreme caution!

Covid-19 statistics breakdown by state/province

Province/ StateAccel. 1d|2dΔ 1dayΔ% 1dayTotal casesDeathsDeath rateΔ 1day
Ciudad de Mexico 2,888+0.2%1,472,23942,9062.91%+0
Mexico 361+0.1%591,98447,3588%+1
Quintana Roo 321+0.3%99,6724,3824.4%+0
Sinaloa 319+0.2%136,5269,7847.17%+0
Tabasco 195+0.1%191,1026,0513.17%+0
Tamaulipas 193+0.1%150,9498,0205.31%+0
San Luis Potosi 153+0.1%191,6417,5073.92%+0
Veracruz 145+0.1%185,60816,6508.97%+3
Puebla 142+0.1%173,27816,4909.52%+0
Baja California Sur 120+0.1%110,2472,6882.44%+0
Nuevo Leon 113+0%331,20315,0214.54%+0
Jalisco 111+0%251,89719,7407.84%+0
Yucatan 100+0.1%117,6306,8295.81%+0
Guanajuato 93+0%287,23914,8915.18%+0
Oaxaca 86+0.1%124,4896,2255%+0
Sonora 73+0%169,38310,1656%+0
Campeche 68+0.2%35,6392,2456.3%+0
Queretaro 61+0%146,0096,2214.26%+0
Hidalgo 54+0.1%96,7698,4268.71%+0
Coahuila 50+0%148,5998,8185.93%+0
Baja California 39+0%138,67812,3118.88%+0
Durango 39+0.1%69,9273,6425.21%+0
Guerrero 28+0%100,2716,7726.75%+0
Colima 22+0%56,7662,2033.88%+0
Chihuahua 22+0%134,71710,0017.42%+0
Zacatecas 22+0%68,5473,8625.63%+0
Morelos 19+0%72,0015,2857.34%+0
Nayarit 19+0%60,7153,2035.28%+0
Michoacan 16+0%95,1908,8609.31%+0
Aguascalientes 8+0%69,5613,5195.06%+0
Tlaxcala 2+0%44,4023,0926.96%+0
Chiapas 1+0%39,7372,4136.07%+0

Incidence rate

The incidence rate denotes the number of confirmed cases during the last 7 days for 100.000 inhabitants. It offers a global perspective over the virus circulation in the concerned terrotory.

Incidence rate legend : <20 20-49 50-149 150-249 250-449 450-749 750-999 >1000


  • Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering - Center for System Science and Engineering - Github repo

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