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United Kingdom

Total cases
968,456Δ 1day : +23,078 (+2.44%)14,265.9 / million
2,799Δ 1day : +26 (+0.94%)
919,612Δ 1day : +22,772 (+2.54%)
46,045Δ 1day : +280 (+0.61%)

Covid-19 statistics breakdown by state/province

Province/ StateAccel. 1d|2dTotal casesΔ 1dayΔ% 1dayDeathsDeath rateΔ 1day
England 818,75919,740+2.5%40,6284.96%+214
Wales 47,8341,375+3%1,8483.86%+21
Scotland 61,5311,128+1.9%2,7914.54%+37
Northern Ireland 37,216822+2.3%6881.85%+8
Gibraltar 6886+0.9%00%+0
Bermuda 1984+2.1%94.55%+0
Channel Islands 8363+0.4%485.74%+0
Anguilla 30+0%00%+0
British Virgin Islands 710+0%11.41%+0
Cayman Islands 2390+0%10.42%+0
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) 130+0%00%+0
Isle of Man 3520+0%246.82%+0
Montserrat 130+0%17.69%+0
Turks and Caicos Islands 7030+0%60.85%+0


  • Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering - Center for System Science and Engineering - Github repo


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