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Total cases
11,620,096Δ 1day : +170,389 (+1.49%)1,509.1 / million
6,302,891Δ 1day : +123,620 (+2.00%)
4,779,147Δ 1day : +42,978 (+0.91%)
538,058Δ 1day : +3,791 (+0.71%)
Data as of Jul 7, 2020 04:34. Countries highlighted by number of new cases1

Comparative trends of the most affected countries

The herebefore graphs show how the covid-19 pandemic is evolving in some of the most affected countries : U.S., United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, Germany. Each point represents an average of the last seven days preceeding it. Therefore, these trends are indicating whether a country has reached the peak of the exponential evolution of the epidemic or not. We can clearly observe that, even if new cases and new deaths are still accounted every day, for some of the countries (i.e. Spain, Italy) these numbers are decreasing for a while now. For others, the peak has not yet been reached.

Covid-19 related news
What is sure is that there are about 80% less smokers among persons infected with covid-19 than among global population of same sex and age. To be determined is to be imputed to nicotine or to other factors related to smoking.
Senior members of President Donald Trump’s administration are alleging deception and dishonesty from China about the origins and current state of coronavirus.
The number of new cases of COVID-19 is easing in some parts of Europe, including Italy and Spain, as number of new cases drops, but outbreaks are still growing in UK and Turkey, announced the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO will issue guidance to member states listing six steps that they need to ensure they have in place before starting to ease any restrictions.
A draft action plan compiled by Germany's Interior Ministry and exposed by Reuters, says the measures should be enough to keep the average number of people infected by one person below 1 even after lockdown will end. This will imply tracking more than 80% of people with whom an infected person had contact within 24 hours of diagnosis.
In just three months, more than a million people in 180 countries have fallen sick from the viral illness, while at least 50,000 have died in a public health emergency the United Nations is calling the world's "most challenging crisis" since World War II. In some countries, responses from heads of governments have been marked by dithering and denial, driven by personal interests, distrust of science or fears of wreaking economic havoc.
Concerned by the raises in new cases and deaths linked to the covid-19, C.D.C. issued a formal advisory urging the residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to “refrain from non-essential domestic travel for 14 days effective immediately.” after Trump said Saturday night that he will not impose a quarantine on these three states but would instead issue a “strong” travel advisory to be implemented by the governors of the three states.
Boris Johnson,UK prime minister, and the health secretary, Matt Hancock, have tested positive for coronavirus, they revealed on Friday, leaving them each to work in isolation on leading the government’s efforts to tackle the pandemic.
Playbill, Mar 24, 2020
Geffen Playhouse to Launch Streaming Initiative During COVID-19 Theatre Shutdowns. Geffen Playhouse has announced a new streaming initiative following the theatre shutdowns due to COVID-19. They will kick off March 25 with a special offer for a free 30-day pass to BroadwayHD, featuring three productions at the Los Angeles venue. Weekly original programming produced by Geffen will follow.
As new COVID-19 cases continue to emerge, many healthy individuals are being requested to stay at home in self-quarantine. Staying at home for prolonged periods of time can pose a significant challenge for remaining physically active.
A European clinical trial to evaluate four experimental treatments for COVID-19 starts today. Coordinated by Inserm as part of the Reacting consortium, this trial will include at least planned to include 3200 European patients from Belgium, France, Germany Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Among them at least 800 French patients with severe forms of COVID-19.
Although "there are no US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved drugs specifically for the treatment of patients with COVID-19", an array of drugs approved for other indications as well as several investigational drugs are being studied in several hundred clinical trials that are underway across the globe.
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Covid-19 data by country

  • Accel.1d|2d denotes, respectively, the growth of newly confirmed cases compared to previous day's new cases (Accel. 1d) and the growth of newly confirmed cases compared to 2 previous day's average new cases.
  • Δ 1day denotes numbers of new confirmed and new recovered cases and of new deaths reported on the last known day.
  • Δ% 1day denotes percentages of new confirmed/recovered cases and of new deaths reported on the last known day.
  • icon denotes countries whose data was updated today.
CountryAccel. 1d|2dTotal casesΔ 1dayΔ% 1dayPer 1MPop.DeathsDeath rateΔ 1day
United States 2,936,07747,442+1.6%8,870130,2854.44%+338
India 719,66422,251+3.2%52120,1592.8%+466
Brazil 1,623,28420,229+1.3%7,63765,4874.03%+620
South Africa 205,7218,971+4.6%3,4693,3101.61%+111
Russia 686,8526,569+1%4,70710,2801.5%+135
Mexico 261,7504,902+1.9%2,03031,11911.89%+480
Saudi Arabia 213,7164,207+2%6,1391,9680.92%+52
Colombia 117,4123,727+3.3%2,3074,3053.67%+127
Bangladesh 165,6183,201+2%1,0062,0961.27%+44
Chile 298,5573,025+1%15,6186,3842.14%+76
Peru 305,7032,985+1%9,27210,7723.52%+183
Pakistan 234,5092,691+1.2%1,0624,8392.06%+77
Argentina 80,4472,632+3.4%1,7801,5821.97%+75
Iran 243,0512,613+1.1%2,89411,7314.83%+160
Philippines 46,3332,079+4.7%4231,3032.81%+6
Iraq 62,2751,796+3%1,5482,5674.12%+94
Sweden 73,0611,642+2.3%7,2345,4337.44%+13
Oman 47,7351,557+3.4%9,3482180.46%+5
France 205,5141,375+0.7%3,14929,92314.56%+27
Spain 251,7891,244+0.5%5,38528,38811.27%+3
Bolivia 40,5091,212+3.1%3,4701,4763.64%+42
Indonesia 64,9581,209+1.9%2373,2414.99%+70
Panama 39,3341,185+3.1%9,1167701.96%+23
Kazakhstan 49,6831,109+2.3%2,6462640.53%+76
Turkey 206,8441,086+0.5%2,4535,2412.53%+16
Ghana 21,077992+4.9%6781290.61%+7
Egypt 76,222969+1.3%7453,4224.49%+79
Israel 30,749791+2.6%3,5533341.09%+3
Kyrgyzstan 8,141764+10.4%1,248991.22%+11
Guatemala 23,972724+3.1%1,3389814.09%+34
Honduras 24,665722+3%2,4906562.66%+17
Dominican Republic 38,128703+1.9%3,5158042.11%+10
Kuwait 50,644703+1.4%11,8593730.74%+5
Ukraine 50,053585+1.2%1,1441,2782.55%+13
Nigeria 29,286575+2%1426542.23%+9
Qatar 100,345546+0.5%34,8291330.13%+5
Germany 198,064541+0.3%2,3649,0224.56%-1
United Arab Emirates 52,068528+1%5,2643240.62%+1
Azerbaijan 20,837513+2.5%2,0552581.24%+8
Bosnia and Herzegovina 5,458496+10%1,6641993.65%+8
Algeria 16,404463+2.9%3749595.85%+7
Bahrain 29,821454+1.5%17,526980.33%+1
Ecuador 62,380422+0.7%3,5364,8217.73%+40
Canada 107,815421+0.4%2,8578,7488.11%+9
United Kingdom 287,290359+0.1%4,23244,32115.43%+16
Uzbekistan 10,362342+3.4%310370.36%+3
Armenia 28,936330+1.2%9,7654911.7%+7
Madagascar 3,250309+10.5%117331.02%+1
Serbia 16,420289+1.8%1,8793171.93%+6
Belarus 63,804250+0.4%6,7524290.67%+6
Romania 29,223250+0.9%1,5191,7686.05%+18
El Salvador 8,027250+3.2%1,2382232.78%+6
Costa Rica 5,241245+4.9%1,029230.44%+4
Venezuela 7,411242+3.4%261680.92%+3
Afghanistan 33,190239+0.7%8538982.71%+34
Portugal 44,129232+0.5%4,3281,6203.67%+6
Italy 241,819208+0.1%4,00034,86914.42%+8
Poland 36,155205+0.6%9551,5214.21%+4
Côte d'Ivoire 10,966194+1.8%416750.68%+1
Singapore 44,983183+0.4%7,689260.06%+0
Kenya 8,067181+2.3%1501642.03%+4
Nepal 15,964180+1.1%548350.22%+1
Japan 19,848180+0.9%1579784.93%+1
Bulgaria 5,914174+3%8512504.23%+4
Australia 8,755172+2%3431061.21%+0
Morocco 14,379164+1.2%3902371.65%+2
Kosovo 3,508152+4.5%17,858752.14%+9
Malawi 1,742129+8%91191.09%+2
Sudan 9,894127+1.3%2266166.23%+8
Gabon 5,743123+2.2%2,580460.8%+2
Moldova 17,90692+0.5%4,4395923.31%+7
Austria 18,36585+0.5%2,0397063.84%+0
North Macedonia 7,12478+1.1%3,3643464.86%+5
Senegal 7,47878+1.1%4471361.82%+3
Namibia 48573+17.7%19100%+0
Libya 1,11771+6.8%163343.04%+2
Albania 2,96471+2.5%1,030792.67%+3
Mauritania 4,94869+1.4%1,0641332.69%+3
Croatia 3,22069+2.2%7841133.51%+0
Central African Republic 4,03364+1.6%835521.29%+4
Palestinian Territories 4,34164+1.5%927170.39%+1
Montenegro 84160+7.7%1,339141.66%+0
Czech Republic 12,56651+0.4%1,1843502.79%+2
Tajikistan 6,26249+0.8%657530.85%+0
Switzerland 32,31547+0.1%3,7341,9656.08%+0
Denmark 13,07946+0.4%2,2586074.64%+1
South Korea 13,18144+0.3%2572852.16%+1
Greece 3,56243+1.2%3421925.39%+0
Belgium 62,05842+0.1%5,3559,77415.75%+3
Haiti 6,37138+0.6%5591131.77%+0
Botswana 31437+13.4%13410.32%+0
Netherlands 50,87036+0.1%2,9696,14712.08%+1
Djibouti 4,82230+0.6%4,881551.14%+0
Paraguay 2,45629+1.2%344200.81%+0
Mozambique 1,01225+2.5%3280.79%+0
Guinea-Bissau 1,79025+1.4%910251.4%+0
Maldives 2,49123+0.9%4,608120.48%+1
Swaziland 1,01123+2.3%740131.29%+0
Congo [DRC] 7,43221+0.3%911822.45%+0
Luxembourg 4,54220+0.4%7,2561102.42%+0
Suriname 61420+3.4%1,047142.28%+0
Yemen 1,28419+1.5%4334526.87%+7
China 84,88918+0%594,6415.47%+0
Zimbabwe 73418+2.5%4991.23%+1
Liberia 89117+1.9%176394.38%+2
Slovenia 1,71616+0.9%8251116.47%+0
Uganda 95314+1.5%2100%+0
Syria 37214+3.9%21143.76%+1
Vietnam 36914+3.9%400%+0
Burkina Faso 1,00013+1.3%48535.3%+0
Lesotho 9112+15.2%4200%+0
Lebanon 1,88512+0.6%276361.91%+0
Cape Verde 1,46312+0.8%2,678171.16%+0
Tunisia 1,19911+0.9%101504.17%+0
Somalia 3,0069+0.3%189923.06%+0
Rwanda 1,1138+0.7%8630.27%+0
Cuba 2,3808+0.3%210863.61%+0
Hungary 4,1896+0.1%43458914.06%+0
Norway 8,9366+0.1%1,6482512.81%+0
Jamaica 7375+0.7%249101.36%+0
Niger 1,0935+0.5%45686.22%+0
Lithuania 1,8415+0.3%676794.29%+0
Mongolia 2255+2.3%6900%+0
Thailand 3,1955+0.2%46581.82%+0
Sierra Leone 1,5475+0.3%194624.01%+0
Malaysia 8,6685+0.1%2681211.4%+0
Finland 7,2574+0.1%1,3103294.53%+0
Uruguay 9604+0.4%276293.02%+1
Gambia 614+7%2934.92%+1
Ireland 25,5314+0%5,1711,7416.82%+0
Myanmar [Burma] 3163+1%661.9%+0
Latvia 1,1273+0.3%597302.66%+0
Iceland 1,8663+0.2%5,468100.54%+0
Jordan 1,1673+0.3%114100.86%+0
Georgia 9532+0.2%239151.57%+0
Fiji 212+10.5%2300%+0
New Zealand 1,5362+0.1%319221.43%+0
Antigua and Barbuda 702+2.9%71534.29%+0
Mali 2,3311+0%1151195.11%+0
Sri Lanka 2,0771+0%97110.53%+0
Cyprus 1,0041+0.1%832191.89%+0
Estonia 1,9941+0.1%1,503693.46%+0
Liechtenstein 841+1.2%2,20311.19%+0
São Tomé and Príncipe 7211+0.1%0131.8%+0
Mauritius 3421+0.3%269102.92%+0
Slovakia 1,7651+0.1%323281.59%+0
Ethiopia 5,8460+0%511031.76%+0
Taiwan 4490+0%1971.56%+0
Zambia 1,6320+0%89301.84%+0
French Polynesia 620+0%22100%+0
Trinidad and Tobago 1330+0%9586.02%+0
Tanzania 5090+0%9214.13%+0
Western Sahara 100+0%17110%+0
Timor-Leste 240+0%1800%+0
Togo 6800+0%82152.21%+0
Barbados 980+0%34177.14%+0
Andorra 8550+0%11,066526.08%+0
Bahamas 1040+0%2631110.58%+0
Angola 3460+0%11195.49%+0
Equatorial Guinea 3,0710+0%2,189511.66%+0
San Marino 6980+0%20,571426.02%+0
Dominica 180+0%25000%+0
Papua New Guinea 110+0%100%+0
Malta 6720+0%1,52291.34%+0
Chad 8720+0%53748.49%+0
Monaco 1080+0%2,75243.7%+0
Laos 190+0%300%+0
Comoros 3110+0%35872.25%+0
Congo [Republic] 1,5570+0%296442.83%+0
New Caledonia 210+0%7400%+0
Nicaragua 2,5190+0%380833.29%+0
Cameroon 12,5920+0%4743132.49%+0
Cambodia 1410+0%800%+0
Burundi 1910+0%1610.52%+0
Grenada 230+0%20400%+0
Brunei 1410+0%32232.13%+0
Saint Kitts and Nevis 160+0%28900%+0
Saint Lucia 220+0%12000%+0
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 290+0%26400%+0
Vatican City 120+0%12,00000%+0
Guyana 2730+0%347155.49%+0
Bhutan 800+0%10400%+0
Seychelles 810+0%82400%+0
Guinea 5,6100+0%427340.61%+0
Benin 1,1990+0%99211.75%+0
Belize 300+0%7526.67%+0
Eritrea 2150+0%6100%+0


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1 The data concerning the Covid-19 outbreak provided here is updated daily from the cited sources and mostly limited to data known on the previous day. Death rates (the share of infected persons who die from the disease) are to be considered with extreme caution while comparing to other countries due to the uncertainty of the the denominator (number of confirmed cases). As a matter of fact, countries take measures for restraining virus propagation at different moments of the local outbreak, which impacts the number of the untested people (symptomatic or asymptomatic) impacting therefore the total number of confirmed cases. Also, some countries count differently the number of deaths, considering that people experiencing other critical health conditions and infected with Covid-19 are not to be included as Covid-19 fatalities.


The information presented here is for awareness purposes only. We have endeavoured to make the information on this website as accurate as possible but cannot take responsibility for any errors. Please check other sources referred to on this website. Do not use this information to take any decision of any kind, otherwise this would be of your own responsibility.